Comprehensive service for coach and transport companies

At Sergru we offer a comprehensive service for coach companies, transport companies and other commercial vehicles, including assistance on the road, repairs and alternative transport solutions.
  • We offer assistance on the road and a service of repairs on the spot where the breakdown happened.
  • If the weather is bad or the breakdown has happened in a dangerous area or the repair is complex, we transport the vehicle to our own workshop.
  • We can pick up vehicles anywhere in Andorra and also outside the Principality.
  • We bring your vehicle into our workshop or take it where you direct us.
  • Our repair service can deal with all makes and covers the specialties of mechanics and electrical problems.
What happens if the damaged vehicle is carrying passengers?
Do not worry, whether it is a private service or public transport, we can take charge of everything and everyone.
  • We provide a replacement vehicle with driver, and we take all the passengers and their baggage to wherever you direct us.
  • We inspect the vehicle to see what has gone wrong.
  • We take people home, where necessary.
  • We tow the damaged vehicle to wherever you want it.
  • We give you a quotation for the repairs.
  • We can repair your vehicle in a very short time.
Which vehicles can we pick up?
With our working team and the pickup crane we can rescue and attend to heavy goods vehicles of all sizes, such as:
  • lorries and trucks
  • coaches
  • vans
  • etc.
Other services
  • We offer parking for coaches and commercial vehicles.
  • Replacement drivers so that your own can comply with compulsory rest times.